Friday, October 24, 2014

The New Indian Slow Cooker book review

The New Indian Slow Cooker book review

1 Fork out of 5

When it comes to slow cooker cook books I think of easy, not hard. This book was just that, HARD!

First, the term slow cooker to me makes me think, throw everything in and let it do its job. This book had so much prep work that needed to be done for the meal it was like the slow cooker was an after thought. So much needed to be pan fried, or sauted before it even touched the slow cooker that I had 2 pans dirty before even dirtying the slow cooker. Not a fan of that.

Then, the ingredients are a bit hard to find. If I couldn't find it in my local grocery store then forget it. Some of these spices or beans were so hard to find I had to order them off the internet. Again, hard.

If this book wasn't given to me I would never have bought it. This book is not meant for me, a mom with small kids. You need to be prepared to do prep work, let the slow cooker cook for hours on end and do a hunt for ingredients. So who ever has time for that, then please get this book.

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