Monday, February 16, 2015

Pregnant Vegan Runner Mommy

Yep add that to the title now too. We are happily expecting baby #3, at the end of August. Adding to our little 'Farm' of sorts was in the plans but had to wait until I was done with my half marathon. So here we are!

Will I keep running while pregnant?
I'd like to try, but I believe in listening to my body and going with that. If I can I will, if I can't oh well!
But I was able to run a recent all women 5k in Winter Park, FL The Lady Track Shack 5k. It was packed! over 3,000 entries and they had to close it off at that!
We did it last year too but with a bigger group of girls. This year we got awesome race 'swag', pink tutus, awesome medals and just a fun race!
So back to running while pregnant... being the person I am means I research A LOT! So I did just that, researched running while pregnant, and talked to my midwife. The conclusion I came to was that since I was running before, my body will be used to it, so it's not like I am trying out a new exercise routine while my body is growing a new person. But everything in moderation, I am not trying to aim for new PR or take on a half marathon right now. But I will keep my muscles going and hey its a nice stress burner too!

The first trimester was no fun, I didn't feel like moving, let alone running. So for sure I didn't do much then. The 2nd trimester is just now starting and I have my energy back and can't wait to hit the ground running again. Updates to come...

Eating Vegan While Pregnant

Nothing will change here, I am still sticking to my normal diet. Increasing my calorie intake as needed and drinking plenty of water, but that is nothing new, and I have been taking a DHA supplement made from Flax so that covers the DHA part... I love my prenatal multi-vitamin I have been taking too!
All the great stuff in it a vegan mom to be could need.

Is it safe to be a vegan and grow a human at the same time? YES! Do the research on it and you will find it that just like any way of eating we need to be sure to get in the the right amount of proteins, carbs, B12 etc... and there is no reason to doubt your plant based diet, if you are smart about it. As always though I trust my instincts and cravings to tell me if I am lacking in something and will take the needed steps to take care of that.