Thursday, February 16, 2017

Adult Chicken Pox how to survive and what helped

Can adults get chicken pox? Is it really worse to get them as an adult? Yes and YES!!

Since going through this horrid ordeal I realized that if adult chicken pox could be used to get the truth out of someone, man would it work!! "Anything! I'll give you anything you want just make it go away!"

 It starts off as a low fever, 101° for me, and just not feeling well for a day or 2.

Then BAM the next morning you wake up with some lovely red spots on your stomach and back. Not many, 20-30 and think to yourself "These itch, but hey it's not so bad. I bet the only difference is as a kid you can just lay around and watch TV all day but as an adult you still have a house to clean, dinner to cook and kids to take care of." So you take your 4,000mg of Vitamin C and sit in the sun and down the probiotics hoping it hurries this along.

Next day: Now they are all over your face, every uncomfortable place on your body, scalp and mouth included. You want to run away from your own skin till it passes. The pain, the itching and other overall feeling of bugs crawling on you will make a sane person go into the nut house.

That night: You CAN'T SLEEP! You lay there wondering what you did to deserve this torture, you are so tired but laying there feeling like you want to unzip you skin and run away doesn't help you relax into a peaceful slumber. You toss, then turn, then itch, then get a drink, then lay down, then start wondering when it will be morning only to realize its 11:45pm.... You beg your body to let you sleep, you start bargaining with it "What do you want? More rest on the weekend? Vegan ice cream every night?? What?! Just tell me!" "Why in the world does it feel like bugs are crawling on me? Are there bugs on me?"

To add to this all you are now an adult, so you have little humans to keep alive while you slowly die inside (or so you think). The baby wants to nurse A LOT! He thinks your stirring around means he should do the same, so you are nursing him what feels like every hour for at least 30 minutes. "Don't itch, don't do it! Oh great the baby just pulled his razor blade nails out and scratched a pox on my chest! So now he is going to get sick!" Thus begins the new dialogue for the next hour in your head imagining the whole family getting as sick as you and you never getting any better and still being the one to take care of them.

The next morning you get out of bed having never slept and look more like a horror show. You kindly remind your husband that its 'death till you part' and that if he winces again looking at you the death might come sooner for him.

The kids want breakfast. You also want to eat but realize that your throat now has a pox in it and hurts like fire when you swallow. Oh joy now there are more in your mouth too, it hurts to eat... the only comfort you had is now torture. Where is the fast forward button?

That night you get a brilliant idea. Wine, you think wine is a great idea! The comfort of that bottle of sangria, just pour a glass and relax.. ahh yes.. finally some comfort. Anything to ease the pain and torture.... "FIRE! LAVA! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!" Open sores in my mouth and I pour an acidic component on them? Genius idea! That lack of sleep is catching up with me.

Finally you get sleep and over the next few days start to turn a corner, some of the pox are drying up and getting a crust on the top. They don't itch anymore and those nighttime or anytime oatmeal baths have paid off. You are trying everything to get rid of them! Dr. Google continues to be your go-to for advice and by the end of this horrible experience you have a new found sympathy for others that get chicken pox as an adult. You also feel like an expert on all things chicken pox and can tell everyone what to do to help it move along. So being the new expert that I am I will share with you what worked for me.

  • 4,000mg Vitamin C daily - I took Emergen-C
  • Probiotics - anything helps to build up your gut
  • Apple Cider vinegar - it helped ease the itch and dry out the pox at the same time, use it topically
  • Nelsons: Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel - I used this on my face and it was great! Helps clear up the pox the fastest then anything else I tried! It is meant for the face so it was gentle yet strong
  • Oatmeal baths with baking soda and lavender - it helped with the itching and relaxed me as well
I hope it goes quickly for you!!!
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